A Unique Skincare Experience
A Unique Skincare Experience
With a skin-deep understanding of adult and baby skin, SkinLinkConsulting fuels professional insights and new product innovations, engaging with influencing experts around the world.
A Unique Connection with Leading Influencers
A Unique Connection with Leading Influencers
WOMEN IN COSMETOLOGY - A NEW series of Exclusive interviews with leading influencing women, with a real passion and expertise in Skincare
Marketing a Consumer Brand to Healthcare Professionals
Marketing a Consumer Brand to Healthcare Professionals
SkinLinkConsulting translates the needs of Healthcare Professionals into compelling business strategies and actionable programs to drive consumer brand conversion.

Creative Marketing Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

With 25+ years of Professional Experience in Healthcare Professional Marketing, SkinLinkConsulting offers an outside-in way to solve marketing problematics. In SkinLinkConsulting, you will find a skincare expert partner to bring uniqueness, differentiation and vitality to your projects: from Skin Insights, Influencer engagement programs to strategic marketing, and brand engagement programs.


You want your skincare brand to be “recommended/endorsed” by medical influencers.

  • SkinLinkConsulting will partner with you on the development of your brand medical influencing strategy to win the heart and the mind of your brand medical influencers.


You are looking for new insights to fuel your pipeline of claims and innovations, refine products USP and/or refine the scientific tone of voice of your brand.

  • SkinLinkConsulting offers in-depth analysis of the latest trends in Skincare as well as in the field Aesthetic Dermatology including some deep-dives into specific scientific skincare topics as needed.



You wish you could attend and/or spend more time at Medical meetings to connect with experts, uncover new medical insights and deep-dive into competitive activities

  • SkinLinkConsulting offers detailed analysis of Medical Meetings activities including scientific posters review, insights from scientific lectures and interaction with leading influencers as well as some complete overview of competitive activities.


Why SkinLink?

Bring on a skincare expert marketing partner to create new opportunities in Healthcare Professional Marketing.

Recent Insights

... Sylvie delivers work that is well thought through, highly strategic, and translates the need and DNA of the health care professional into compelling and highly actionable programs.  Sylvie is flexible, insightful and brilliant at “connecting the dots” across her experience and emerging trends...
... SkinLinkConsulting now gives us the opportunity to partner with engaged thought leaders to gain valuable expert perspective, refine strategies and deliver innovative solutions to key business challenges without having to build and maintain a costly infrastructure...