The annual meeting of the EADV, among many others medical meetings such as the AAD or IMCAS offer the opportunities to better understand the changes happening in the world of Dermatology today but also the way the future of Skincare is shaping. They are insightful places to identify new scientific skin insights, hear about up-coming innovations and technologies while offering the opportunity to engage with leading influencers.

SkinLinkConsulting makes a priority of attending these medical events and a priority to issue throrough reports highlighting the latest trends, the hot topics as well as any new and compelling skin and skincare insights uncovered during the events.

In September 2017, the annual meeting of the EADV took place in Geneva. A great forum where many of the following trends could be observed. A very detailed report was developped by SkinLink Consulting for one of his Client focusing on the following topics: Naturality more than ever, Back to the Pharmacy roots, Innovative delivery options, Vintage Anti-Aging Ingredients, New skincare concept in the management of AD and a spotlight on Microbiome protection.