Dr. Sylvie Legenne has a superior understanding of the global skin care product category, encompassing consumer products, professional products as well as prescription products.  As a PharmD, she has excellent command of new formulation technologies, emerging ingredients and drug pharmacologies, as well as a profound understanding of the complex physiology of the skin.  She uniquely possesses incredible business knowledge in this marketplace, fostered by her training and completion of an MBA, but more importantly by her extensive experience in leadership roles for global healthcare megabrands.  In my opinion, there is no one in the skin care space with more wisdom or a greater drive for outstanding business success than Sylvie.  If I could select any one person to consult for a skin care brand that I was launching or managing, it would be Dr. Sylvie Legenne.  Please feel free to contact me personally as a reference for Dr. Legenne.