Sylvie LEGENNE, Pharm D, MBA

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Skin has always been at the heart of what has driven my passion, nurtured my curiosity, sparkled my energy and challenged me to reinvent myself as life was taking me to different places around the World.

An early Passion for skin
-Pharmacy Roge-Cavailles in Paris
My passion for skin started in Paris when I met Dr Pierre- Alain Nemet, a charismatic and visionary pharmacist, ahead of his time who owned the Pharmacy Roge Cavailles- the place where the RoC brand was created and first distributed.  He was not an ordinary Pharmacist, he was an Artist, he was an Avant-Gardiste, a Skincare Innovator who taught me the secrets of  Skincare ingredients compounding and initiated me to skincare Marketing.
Caring for Skin
At the Thermal Spa in Avene
In the AVENE quaint village within Haut-Languedoc, I discovered the natural and soothing benefits of Hydrotherapy on sensitive skin and contributed to advance Avène evidence based approach in caring for patients suffering from dermatological conditions.
In Los Angeles
In vibrant Los Angeles, I worked on the # 1 US dermatologist-recommended skincare brand challenging the status quo through protecting and fostering the brand’s genuine relationship with Dermatologists, introducing to them Neutrogena Suncare products.
Beauty of Skin of Color
In Philadelphia
Partnering with Skin of Color Experts, I participated to the launch of the AMBI Skin care collection of products, a brand devoted to meeting the needs of Skin of Color complexions. A stunning dive into gaining understanding of what makes skin of color distinct and unique physiologically and culturally.
Skin & Naturals
around the Globe
An insightful journey into the world of Natural Ingredients and the demonstration of their skin benefits to Dermatologists and Pediatricians around the Globe. Working on AVEENO, a brand Powered by Nature and Proven by Science.
The Power of Human
Touch on Baby Skin
Working on the Johnson’s Baby brand, I uncovered the fantastic power of human skin touch. The power of skin to skin touch in nurturing, connecting and fostering optimal infant development as well as mothers’ well-being.
MY “Skin Touch”
on J&J brands & People
As Global Vice-President of Professional Sales & Marketing at Johnson & Johnson consumer, I led Healthcare Professional Activities for the Beauty, Baby, Oralcare and OTC portfolio of iconic brands globally. I changed the conversation about J&J consumer brands with HCPs by creating a global professional community of influencer marketers around the world,   and by designing and rolling-out an innovative influencers framework model to drive new engagement with HCPs.
In 2016, linking my passion for skin with my 25+ years of experience in the industry, I created SkinLinkConsulting- to offer Creative Skincare Solutions for Healthcare Professionals & Innovation Teams. From skin Insights, Influencers programs to Strategic Brand Engagement models