It is all about Skin
Skin is my passion because skin is precious. It is more than an envelope, it is a book that protects and informs us about the environment we live in and participates to our interactions with others. Our skin is also the only part of us that is exposed to the outside world and as such contributes the first impression we give to others. We can feel both defined and confined by our own skin.

My new engagement towards VITIGO
How we think others perceive our skin affects our minds and our well-being. My sensitivity to the impact of the other’s gaze on the skin was forged from an early age growing up with a mother suffering from Vitiligo. I witnessed how, in a blink eye, exposing one’s skin suffering from Vitiligo to the eyes of the others, may arouse some apprehension, affecting one’s emotional and psychological well-being. My interest and curiosity for the skin only grew stronger as professional projects led me to work closely with dermatologists, researchers and other skin experts in the different countries where I had the chance to live and work. Today, I am thrilled to volunteer for the Swiss Society of Psoriasis and Vitiligo for two main reasons:

  • The first one is related to the urgency to change the way the society reacts to Vitiligo and contribute to educate patients to better take care of their skin (because it means taking care of themselves).
  • The second reason is more personal. I was diagnosed with Vitiligo about ten years ago, an evolutionary form but much less visible than the vitiligo my mother suffered from. I am determined not to let other’s gaze on my skin affect me and share my experience in an approach of comfort and accompaniment with others.

I find remarkable the work of some artists, associations or bloggers who have understood that this is the way that the society reacts to Vitiligo that we need to change as soon as possible. I had the chance to meet Elisabeth Van Aalderenm, a Dutch photographer with Vitiligo for whom photography gave a platform to document and celebrate the bodies of women with vitiligo.
Her project “Shades of Pale” is an ode to the beauty and uniqueness of Vitiligo. It gives hope and confidence while helping to educate society about this rare disease.

I am thrilled to contribute to the quarterly issue of Ma peau Surtout Skin Essentially, a publication dedicated to the members of the SPVG Association. In my Skincare Column, I will discuss skin care topics that matter most to the patients in order to provide with key skincare information & tips to help them best take care of their skin. The first issue has been dedicated to Sunless Tanners and Vitiligo- Le bon auto-bronzant pour votre peau.

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June, 2021
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